1. Manga Mondays ~ Kim Ettinoff


    Kim Ettinoff is a French illustrator based in Lille, France. He currently works for video games developers and interactive entertainment company Ankama as a visual development artist and art director.

    Ettinoff studied at Animation, Interactive Technology, and Video Graphics at ESAAT Roubaix. He graduated in 2005 and by the following year he had joined Ankama working as a character designer and animator. He has worked on the popular MMORPG games WAKFU and DOFUS.

    Ettinoff also worked on DOFUS’s spin-off feature film, Dofus – Book 1 — Julith. Released in France earlier this year, the film was directed By Anthony Roux et Jean-Jacques Denis. Watching the trailer, it looks to be a fun-filled, energetic adventure.

    You can see more of Kim Ettinoff’s on DeviantArt.