1. Manga Mondays ~ Huangh Chern


    Huangh Chern, also known as huanGH64, is an illustrator and character designer predominantly working in game development. She was a character and color designer for Skvader’s cat detective game, Seeker.

    Chern was born in Taipei, Taiwan and studied at Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School. In 2011, straight after graduating, she worked as 3D Artist at Shinwork, then as a Designer for The Manx Group. Moving on to work as a 2D Artist with browser-based game company, Skvader, she recently joined Rayark Inc.

    Her work is influenced by both American and Japanese styles. It is easy to see she has an excellent grasp of colour and lighting. Often pushing her choices of reflected colors. Her lines have a wonderful flow and “bounce” to them. Looking at her work, you rarely see a straight line. Even her non-organic materials, where lines should be straight, will still have a slight curve or wobble. I think that is a really nice touch, that gives her characters and scenes a constantly state of motion.

    You can see more of Huangh Chern’s work on her website, DeviantArt and Tumblr.