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Manga Mondays ~ Gez Fry

Manga Mondays ~ Gez Fry

Gez Fry is definitely a unique illustrator, in terms of both style and illusiveness. I remember Fry bursting on the scene some years ago, and I also remember hearing he was completely self-taught. He had locked himself in his room for months and emerged a great illustrator, or so the legend goes. Now I cannot seem to find anything new from him. His work is stunning and skilful, I was in awe of his style when I first saw his work, and I still am today. If anyone knows what he is up to these days please leave a comment! View more of his work on Folio Art.

Manga Mondays ~ Gez Fry
Manga Mondays ~ Gez Fry
Manga Mondays ~ Gez Fry

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    1. Wow! Thanks! It’s really great to see more of Fry’s work.

  1. If you’ve been wondering what happened to Gez, he’s the guest on this week’s Love Drawing podcast! It’s a great interview about the process of becoming a professional concept artist. Check it out – Hey guys, thought I’d let you know the topic of this weeks podcast is becoming a pro concept artist, in case that’s a path any of you want to take. Interview with Gez Fry, arti director for a Microsoft games studio.

    1. Hey Kenzo, thanks for that, really interesting.

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