1. Manga Mondays ~ Brandon Liao


    Brandon Liao is a freelance concept artist based in Los Angeles, California. He has created concepts and illustrations for both video games and films for clients including Riot Games and Realm Pictures. He is an artist “on a mission to spread epicness throughout the universe.”

    Liao attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he majored in Entertainment Design. While at university he landed an internship at Riot Games creating skins concepts for League of Legends. Having only worked as a concept artist officially for about 3 years, after his contract with Riot ended, Liao decided to explore the industry as a freelancer.

    He set up Patreon as a way to share what he knows with others. Posting bi-weekly, Liao uses the platform as an opportunity to share his process for his personal project, Urban Legends: Tale of the Cyber King, among others. He has also set up a Gumroad so that new fans can get their hands on content from his past Patreon months.

    You can see much more of Brandon Liao’s work on his website, Blog, ArtStation, DeviantArt, and follow him on Twitter.