1. Manga Mondays ~ Bangqiao Yan


    Bangqiao Yan is an illustrator and teacher based in Changsha, China. He is known for his beautiful, digitally painted landscapes that capture your gaze, take you by the hand and walk you though their tranquil scenery.

    Bang is a graduate from Hunan Normal University. Many of his illustrations are created using PaintTool SAI as classroom demonstrations.

    Bang drew the wordless comic, A story about freedom, which you can read here: part one and part two.

    Bang’s work often depicts vast and detailed landscapes invigorated by clear skies and bulbous clouds. He uses washed-out tones of colour to warm up concrete buildings and speckled trees with blue and green leaves. In each piece stands an anonymous character, taking up just a small portion of the frame but adding so much in terms of mood.

    You can see more of Bangqiao Yan’s work on Twitter, Instagram, Pixiv, Zcool, and in his art book, 20%.