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Angenia Creations by Tonia

Angenia Creations by Tonia

Tonia is an Italian jewellery maker and aspiring children’s book illustrator. I hope you find her work inspiring, despite the fact that the work I’ve selected to show here is not illustration. Tonia is inspired by Japan, and it shows in her work, which is an interesting blend of manga and western children’s toys. I’m sure there would be a sizeable market for her beautiful jewellery. I’m probably not her target audience (30+ male), but I can definitely appreciate what she does!

Visit the Angenia Creations blog for more information.

Angenia Creations by Tonia
Angenia Creations by Tonia

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  1. oh my god! I do not know how to thank you! are honorable * ^ *! thank you thank you thank you!

    1. You are very welcome, Tonia!

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