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Papier Crayon from Konbini

Papier Crayon is an interview video series with a difference, illustrators and designers answer questions with drawings

Papier Crayon from Konbini

Papier Crayon’s simple premise of interviewing artists who draw their answers is elevated by its fun and polished aesthetic. It also helps that over the course of 60+ episodes, they have interviewed many incredible illustrators and animators.

The series is produced by Paris-based media outlet Konbini. Founded in 2008 by Lucie Beudet and David Creuzot, Konbini has established itself as a progressive source of modern pop culture.

Papier Crayon’s improvised drawing format reminds me of another French show that aired in the late 1960s called Tac au tac. That show similarly featured some of the greatest comic artists of the era, albeit in friendly competition. I would welcome more shows adopting Papier Crayon’s formula. It is so relaxing and rewarding to watch masters at work, even if it is impromptu scribbles.

Here are some of our episode recommendations:

  1. Sylvain Repos
  2. Margaux Motin
  3. Cyril Pedrosa
  4. Guillaume Singelin
  5. Manu Larcenet
  6. Dan Scanlon
  7. Balak, Bastien Vivès and Michaël Sanlaville
  8. Olivier Coipel
  9. Jorge Molina
  10. Stéphane Manel
  11. Jamie Hewlett
  12. Emil Ferris
  13. Dean DeBlois
  14. Naoki Urasawa
  15. Nick Park

You can find Papier Crayon playlists on Dailymotion, YouTube and Facebook. Of the three, Dailymotion currently has the most comprehensive list.

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