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Now You See It: Video Essays by Jack Nugent

Now You See It: Video Essays by Jack Nugent

Now You See It exposes some of the tricks and techniques that are used to make movies feel magical.

Jack Nugent began the video essay channel in 2015, with a focus on subtle and often overlooked patterns in filmmaking.

Nugent explains:

“Now You See It explores film themes and tropes. It’s like a college film analysis class minus the lecture halls, essay assignments, and student loan debts.”

Each episode is well-researched, with topics clearly illuminated. Many of the concepts explored can be applied directly to illustration and any form of storytelling. In particular, these four videos stand out:

Now You See It encourages people to think about the details that enhance their viewing experience both explicitly and subconsciously. It reminds us to always keep an eye on storytelling, to make sure all decisions are in service to the story.

Watch all of Jack Nugent’s videos essays on Now you see it

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