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Illustration Chronicles: 175 Years. 175 Stories

Illustration Chronicles: 175 Years. 175 Stories

Illustration Chronicles celebrates the rich history of illustration by telling 175 unique and inspiring stories from the last 175 years.

Illustration is a fascinating subject and yet its history is rarely told. This project champions the medium and hopes to bring inspiration, insight and knowledge to its readers.

Philip Kennedy

Through a series of short essays, Illustration Chronicles looks into the images, illustrators and events between 1841–2015 that have left a lasting impact.

Philip Kennedy launched the website in May 2016 to champion the medium. His aim was to offer readers a good introduction to the field and provide a useful starting point to discover similar works.

Here are some reading recommendations to get you started:

In addition to the essays, the website also houses a very useful resources page with book recommendations, links to further reading and a directory of museums, galleries and places to see illustrations.

Philip Kennedy is extremely active on social media, so be sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more art-related morsels.

Explore the website at illustrationchronicles.com

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