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Graphic Novel TK: A Podcast Guide to Comic Book Publishing

If you have questions about publishing a graphic novel, you'll find your answers in the episodes of Graphic Novel TK.

Graphic Novel TK

Graphic Novel TK is a podcast about the process of making graphic novels. A behind-the-scenes insight into the publishing business.

Hosts Benjamin Wilgus and Gina Gagliano are joined by guest experts from each side of the publishing world to uncover the specifics of how graphic novels are made and sold. Wilgus and Gagliano get answers to the questions that all authors and artists are dying to know, as well as some that most had never thought to ask.

Benjamin Wilgus is a writer, editor and cartoonist; his comics have been published by Tor, First Second, Dark Horse, DC and Nickelodeon Magazine.

Gina Gagliano has worked in publishing at Random House Graphic and First Second Books, and has worked with organisations such as the Brooklyn Book Festival and the Toronto Comics Art Festival.

Since its launch in 2018, the podcast has aired 38 episodes. In addition to the main series, there are two Backmatter episodes, where Graphic Novel TK follows a book through its publication life from book deal to post-publication.

Every episode is packed with great information, but make sure you don’t miss these ones:

You can listen to all the episodes on The Beat’s website, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts or find it on your favourite podcast platform.

And if you are wondering Why “TK?” It’s a commonly used shorthand in publishing for “to come.”

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