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Flesk Publications: Quality Art Books

Flesk Publications: Quality Art Books

Flesk Publications is an independent publisher specialising in art books. It focuses on high production values and is dedicated to showcasing illustrators and comic artists who may have slipped into obscurity, or who deserve greater exposure.

Flesk has published nearly 100 books featuring a wide variety of artists including Arthur Adams, Bruce Timm, Frank Cho, J.A.W. Cooper, Jeffrey Alan Love, Mark Schultz, Steve Rude and Terry Dodson.

John Fleskes launched the publishing house in 2002. With no prior experience in publishing or the arts, Fleskes built the business from scratch, teaching himself how to design and write along the way. He has since contributed to numerous books as a writer, editor and designer. 

In May 2013, Cathy Fenner and Arnie Fenner passed the director, editor and publisher duties of the annual showcase Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art to John Fleskes. This year, Spectrum 25 received a Hugo Award nomination for Best Art Book.

Explore Flesk’s full catalogue on fleskpublications.com.

You should also head over to the Flesk YouTube channel to watch some art demos by Frank Cho, Craig Elliott, Claire Wendling and many others.

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