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Drawn: The Story of Animation

Drawn: The Story of Animation

The Drawn podcast is an 11-episode miniseries that explores the history of cartoons.

Drawn was a collaboration between Cartoon Network and HowStuffWorks. It ran between April and July 2018.

Presented by Holly Frey, it featured interviews with show creators, voice actors, historians, animators and business leaders.

Some big names Frey spoke to include Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Family Guy); Doc Hammer and Emmy Award nominee Christopher McCulloch (Venture Bros.); Jennifer Pelphrey, Emmy Award Winner (Adventure Time, Steven Universe); Ian Jones-Quartey (OK K.O.!, Adventure Time); Rebecca Sugar, Emmy Award nominee and The New York Times Bestselling author (Steven Universe, Adventure Time); and  Billy West (Futurama).

Despite each episode lasting between 30-60 minutes, the 11-episode run is jam packed with great information. The time flies by as one interview clip flows into another, interspersed with Frey’s own stories and experiences.

Drawn does a great job exploring different themes in animation, the goals of their creators and all the elements that go into making a memorable cartoon.

You can listen to Drawn on Apple Podcasts, Pod Bean, or Stitcher.

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