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Cartoonist Kayfabe: The Audio/Visual Inside Scoop from Master Comic Makers

Cartoonist Kayfabe: The Audio/Visual Inside Scoop from Master Comic Makers

Cartoonist Kayfabe is a YouTube channel and podcast about comics hosted by Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg.

The channel started in late 2018 with a series of episodes looking at Wizard Magazine. Piskor and Rugg use Wizard as a guide to navigating the 1990s comics industry. It was one of the most turbulent decades in comics history and an era that inspired them to become cartoonists.

The channel also has interviews with top names in the industry, a comics show-and-tell, and Weekly Shoot sharing what they’re seeing, watching, reading and thinking about that week. 

The concept is simple; two guys expressing their insights and thoughts about comics. Yet, their knowledge and earnestness resonate with viewers.

Ed Piskor is a former student of The Kubert School and is best known for Hip Hop Family Tree and Wizzywig. He has a cult following amongst minicomic fans with his series Deviant Funnies and Isolation Chamber.

Jim Rugg is a comic book artist, bookmaker, illustrator, and designer. His books include Street Angel, The PLAIN Janes, Afrodisiac and Supermag. His work has received Eisner and Ignatz Awards.

Together, they make a direct impact on the sales of books, with eBay sellers adding “as seen on Cartoonist Kayfabe” to their listing. Comic shops have also asked to be notified ahead of time what the duo will be reviewing so that they have it in stock. This influence of buying habits has been dubbed the “Kayfabe effect”.

Here are some of our episode recommendations:

Watch all of Piskor and Rugg’s videos on Cartoonist Kayfabe. You can listen to the show at soundcloud.com/cartoonist-kayfabe or find it on your favourite podcast platform.

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