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Blambot: Comic Fonts & Lettering

Blambot: Comic Fonts & Lettering

Blambot is a unique resource dedicated to fonts and lettering for comic artists.

The website’s world-class fonts collection has become a staple in the comic creation industry, appearing in books published by Marvel, Dark Horse, Oni, Image and independent comics worldwide. 

Since its launch in 1999, Blambot’s founder Nate Piekos has kept an eye on giving back to the comics community, which is why Blambot offers free fonts to small press and indie comic creators. 

Some of the great free fonts include ACME Secret Agent, Anime Ace 2, Back Issues, Orc Horde and Trash Cinema.

In addition to an incredible library of fonts, Blambot has a helpful resource section that includes Comic Book Grammar & Tradition, Comic Script Basics and Lettering Tips. Piekos extends these resources on his YouTube channel; it has a handful of videos that are all worth watching.

Explore the website at blambot.com and read The Things You NEED to Know to Make a Great Comic by Piekos.


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