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Black White Grey! An Illustration Podcast

Black White Grey! An Illustration Podcast

Black White Grey! is a bi-monthly podcast hosted by fantasy and science-fiction illustrators Tommy Arnold and Micah Epstein.

From the first episode, the show explores illustration and artistic development on a more analytical level than many other art podcasts. The hosts share practical advice on sketching, painting and using references. As well as delving into habits, training, and the myth of talent.

We don’t believe in talent; we don’t believe in pencil mileage. We believe in making real progress as artists, using only the best methods available. This show is about finding, investigating, and sharing those methods.

— Tommy Arnold and Micah Epstein

You can listen to the podcast at bwgcast.com.

You can get extra episodes and join in on Q&A sessions on the BWG Patreon page.

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  1. Hi. You haven’t produced any podcasts (free?) since June 2020. Will you be continuing the podcast?

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