1. Manga Mondays ~ Old Xian


    Old Xian (Old先) is based in Hangzhou, China. She graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2013. Whilst at university she meet a writer called Moss. The two decide to collaborate and released two manhuas before even graduating. In 2012 they released The Specific Heat Capacity of Love as well as Xiao Chou Dan Ni (aka Clown Danny). Xiao Chou Dan Ni earned Xian a Shueisha Tezuka Award and a Golden Dragon Awards.

    In 2013 the duo released 19 Tian (19 Days), a romantic yet slapstick story of a boy and his best friend. Which never fails to lift the spirits of its readers. Most recently Xian worked on Mosspaca Advertising Department. Which is unique collaboration between herself and Tan Jiu. They both wrote and drew the story. It follows personifications of themselves and their adventures working in an advertising department. The storyline is broken up, as are the art duties, they sometimes take turns drawing chapters, and sometimes they draw together.

    Xian’s work is impeccable, stylish and striking. Once she gets going with a character you are along for the ride. Her artwork and storytelling have the ability to make you laugh when she wants you to, jump when she wants you to or outright stop you in your tracks.

    You can find much more of Old Xian’s work on her Tumblr. She also released an artbook in 2014, which you can find on Amazon UK for a ludicrously high price, but until that drops, I strongly recommend picking it up from Amazon US.