1. Fashion Fridays ~ Sandra Suy


    Sandra Suy is a fashion illustrator from Spain. The casual elegance of her illustrations has led her to work with fashion brands Chloé, Diesel, L’Oreal, Maxfactor, and Zara.

    Suy was born in 1977 in Barcelona, Spain. She studied fashion design at the art and design school, Escola de la Llotja. After graduating she initially worked in graphic design and textile printing, but soon found her way into fashion illustration. Nowadays, she is represented by top creative agencies Jelly (London), VE Agency (Paris and Brazil), Sunnyday (Spain), and Denki-Mirai (Japan and Asia).

    Using traditional and digital techniques, Suy creates stripped-back, yet striking, portraits. Confident women with carefully rendered faces emerge from the pages, while their bodies are conveyed in just a few lines. Colours are often muted, with the exceptions of the eyes and the lips. In contrast to her flowing lines and pushed-back tones, Suy is not afraid to put down large areas of solid black. Creating an interesting juxtaposition to her refined drawings and a bold statement. Her illustrations are impressive without the need of any background. Though she has used the occasional grungy paper texture, I feel her delicate linework is at its best when it sits on a solid colour, without any distractions.

    You can see more of Sandra Suy’s work on her website, Behance and keep up-to-date with her on Facebook.