1. Fashion Fridays ~ Gill Button


    Gill Button is an artist and illustrator based in London. Her confident, aqueous oil and ink paintings have been published in many leading publications, used for brand campaigns, and exhibited in numerous prominent galleries.

    Button studied at Maidstone College of Art, then later completed a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration at Kingston University London. Graduating in 1995, Button has gone on to work for some of today’s leading companies and some of our most influential publications, including BBC, Wolf Ollins, Vanity Fair, Tatler, The Times, Gallimard, and Gucci. Her work has been exhibited in the Fashion Illustration Gallery, Less is More Projects, Queen Elizabeth Hall, and Coningsby gallery.

    In 2014, Button started an exercise to keep her hands and eye nibble, called Sketchy Men. The idea was to post one drawing each day, allowing her to practice observation and develop techniques. Though over time she has stopped posted daily, most likely due to an increased workload, Button continues to post regular sketches. To date, she has posted just shy of 280 sketchy men.

    Button’s illustrations, be they in oil or ink have an immediacy to them. Fluid brushstrokes capture both the person and their personality. Broad strokes of colour are seemingly effortless. Yet, it is Button’s ardour that gives way to imperfections, blemishes and bleeding. Leaving only an unhindered and truly intimate portrait.

    You can see more of Gill Button’s work on her website, Instagram and Tumblr.