1. Fashion Fridays ~ Bil Donovan


    Artist, fashion illustrator, educator and author, to say Bil Donovan is prolific would be understating his endeavours. As a fashion illustrator he has worked with many esteemed companies including Dior, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Guess and Stuart Weitzman. In 2009 Donovan garnered the prestigious title of Christian Dior Beauty’s first Artist-in-Residence. Illustrating at selected events, creating promotional illustrations, acting as a consultant and ambassador for the brand.

    As an educator he has had an active relationship with the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Where he currently acts as Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Illustration Department focusing on teaching illustration for the contemporary market. As part of his strive to enlighten he authored the very practical and praised book, Advanced Fashion Drawing: Lifestyle Illustration.

    Donovan’s work hinges on his belief that less is more. A quick sweeping brush gesture to imply a flowing scarf, or just a few short stokes to show a pleated Dress. His work continues to be experimental and timeless, see more of it on his website.