1. Fashion Fridays ~ Bec Winnel


    Bec Winnel in an i llustrator from Mount Beauty, Australia. Her stunning portraits have been featured in multiple exhibitions and publications. Often in isolation, Winnel’s women are accompanied by elements of nature. Their sensual and carefree auras exalt the feminine spirit.

    Winnel recieved a diploma in graphic design and art from Swinburne University in Melbourne. For a long time she worked as a graphic designer, while at night, she worked on developing her illustrations. Since making the switch to a full-time freelance illustrator, Winnel has worked with big names, Kookai, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Stylist, Este Lauder, Twinings and Wrangler. She has said a perticular joy of being a commercial illustrator is when she is pushed to work outside her comfort zone.

    Winnel’s muted pastels portraits are often soft around the edges. Hair and other elements fade into or out of the background, as if they are a vague memory. Working mainly with traditional tools, she creates these dreamlike illustrations using pencils, pastels, watercolours and acrylics. To get a better understanding of her process, you can watch as one of her pieces takes shape in a time lapse video.

    You can see more of Bec Winnel’s work on her website and Instagram. You can also pick up some of her limited edition prints from her shop.