1. Elisabeth Fredriksson


    Elisabeth Fredriksson is an artist, photographer and graphic designer from Sweden. She creates elegant geometric patterns. A self-proclaimed “color addicted,” her love and understanding of colour is an instant attraction of her work.

    Born in 1987 in Kiruna, Sweden. Fredriksson was a creative child, drawing at 10, and picking up photography at 15. From 2011 until 2012, she attended Gotland School of Art, completing a 1-year basic course in free art. There, with an opportunity to learn and explore other mediums, found herself drawn more and more towards graphic design.

    She has an incredible ability to balance colours, textures and shapes into one seamless organic image. Multiple rich colours are used to bring to life repetitive patterns. The combination playing off one another, in the hands of Fredriksson, become hypnotic and calming.

    You can find more of Elisabeth Fredriksson’s work on her website and Instagram, follow her on Twitter, and buy her prints, pillows and clothes from Society6.