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Stuart Kolakovic

Stuart Kolakovic

Stuart has style. Every piece is aesthetically pleasing; there seems to be a natural talent for interesting compositions, shape combinations, colours, textures and font selection. They all come together to form a wonderful whole. I love Stuart’s comic strip work in particular, as he shows something different to everything else out there. It’s graphical story-telling, where every box is beautiful in its own right but also works as part of something bigger and more powerful.

His clients include The Guardian, Natural History Museum, Barclays Bank and Sony.

Get over to Stuart’s website to see more.

Stuart Kolakovic
Stuart Kolakovic

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  1. Michelle Carrick

    Hello. I am trying to get in touch with Stuart Kolakovic, but cannot find any contact details for him. Can you help?

    1. Hi Michelle, unfortunately, we do not have a way of getting in touch with Stuart Kolakovic outside of his website.

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