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Jayde A. Cardinalli

Jayde A. Cardinalli

Jayde is an illustrator currently living in San Francisco, USA. Not only is her work attractive, but it made me smile so it was an easy choice for today’s post. Her Prickly Pear Cactus project for Facebook Messenger is a great example of this, so do take a look on her website to see more. Clients include Modcloth, Public Bikes, Upper Playground and Facebook.

Jayde A. Cardinalli
Jayde A. Cardinalli
Jayde A. Cardinalli

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  1. I recently discovered Jayde’s work and love it. Jayde is all woman, however, and married to Jeremy Fish. I don’t know her, but it was pretty obvious when viewing her work/site.

    1. Thank you Adam, the blunder has now been corrected.

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