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Fred Fixler (1923–2010)

Fred Fixler (1923–2010)

Fred Fixler was born in Hungary, although his family migrated to America when he was very young and was raised in the Bronx. After perusing other careers, in the early 1950s, Mr. Fixler turned his attention to art. He attended The Art Students League in New York, then later studied Cubism at The Academie Julian in Paris.

Mr. Fixler began his illustration career working at publishers Brandon House, painting for their pulp paperback covers. So successful and identifiable was his style that he became Brandon House’s foremost illustrator.

Following a successful career, Mr. Fixler turned his hand to teaching. He taught at The Brandes Art Institute, and The California Art Institute influencing a new generation of illustrators who carry on in his teachings today.

His ex-student, Greg Pro, has set up a website showcasing some of Mr. Fixler’s body of work. It includes a lot of his handouts, note, and laws in the section titled Cave 22, which is a treasure trove of great tips.

Fred Fixler (1923–2010)
Fred Fixler (1923–2010)
Fred Fixler (1923–2010)

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  1. Daniel R Kuhn

    My good friend, Tony Crechales, was a Hollywood screenwriter with 14 produced pictured. He had previously written 50 or more pulp sex books for Brandon House illustrated by Fred Fixler, an extraordinarily gifted fine art illustrator. Tony became my Hollywood mentor and I became an independent film producer with his guidance.

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