1. Tom Haugomat


    Tom Haugomat is an illustrator and director based in Paris, France. Initially working in animation, recently he has focused on illustration. His work has been featured in publications including Air France Magazine, Revue XXI and Le Monde. He is represented by illustration agency, Handsome Frank.

    Haugomat, born and raised in Paris, studied at the prestigious Parisian school of the visual arts, Gobelins. There he met Bruno Mangyoku, with whom he made the short films Jean-François, Pest, and a tribute to Drive.

    Since establishing himself as an illustrator he has developed a very recognisable style. With strong compositional sense, his illustrations have a cinematic quality to them. Often using an eye-level wide shot or birds-eye isometric angle. Both approaches create a definite divide between the subject and its viewer.

    Probably the most interesting element of his work is that his characters do not have any facial features. This creates ambiguity and widens the distance between the viewer. This is not to say that emotions are not conveyed. Quite the contrary, thoughts, feelings, and situation are cleverly conveyed using body language, colour, and negative space.

    Through these techniques and others, Haugomat creates atmospheric imagery, occasionally tense, or with a hint of satire.

    You can find more of Tom Haugomat’s work on Behance, Tumblr and Instagram.