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Teetering Bulb – little fictions

Teetering Bulb – little fictions

Teetering Bulb are an illustration duo from Brooklyn, New York. Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon have been working together for over 4 years. As you can see they are a magical combination and produce astounding work together. There is a really nice fluidity about their work, everything from their figurative drawings to their watercolours and digital painting, it all just seems to be “on the move”. When you combine this with emotive dreamscapes and an excellent use of negative space, the images that they create really suck you in.

“We bring a darkly whimsical edge to storytelling, editorial illustration, and advertising.”

To view more of their wondrous work see their online portfolio.
Also we like a bit of sketch work, so check out their 2011 sketchbook.

Teetering Bulb – little fictions
Teetering Bulb – little fictions
Teetering Bulb – little fictions

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  1. Hi Kurt, Zelda,

    I was looking at the Teetering Bulb illustration and was very much struck by is provocation. I am an artist myself (watercolor). My brother and I are starting a winery in Oregon. We would like to consider your illustration for our label. We are not indefinitely wealthy at this point (although we intend to be). What would be your terms for consideration. Would you consider licensing free of charge if your name appeared? How much would full rights cost? Thank you!


    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunatly we do not represent Teetering Bulb as we are an illustration blog rather than an agency. Although I am very glad to see that we have helped to generate some interest for their work. You can contact them via their agent:

      [email protected]

      or directly:

      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      Good luck with your project and thanks for reading!

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