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SIT is an Artist from Amsterdam who has been roaming it’s creative scene for many years.

SIT is a truly cerebral artist, with the ability to delve deep into the darker facets of the human psyche. He has so far put together some fantastic collections and exhibitions and we look forward to see more.

There is a rather nice anicdote on his website about the inception of one of his projects entitled “9” and I thought it was too good not to share.

“In the eastern parts of the world 9 is a lucky number. To SIT it means new found luck. It was a strange encounter with a goldfish in Hong Kong that made him feel lucky again. Lost in the dark realms of this city his heart bleeding from a broken relationship and his vision blurred by cheap Chinese whisky SIT stumbled across a goldfish with enormous eyes in a shop window. Hypnotized by this eerie image he saw this goldfish transform into a 9 and heard a deep voice whispering ‘follow number 9 and luck will come your way again’. In the wake of this story his wallet was gone of course but knew he had struck gold. A better tomorrow was on its way. Those familiar with SIT know this story could only happen to a joyful and free spirit like him. He masterminded 9 exclusive works paying hommage to his new lucky charm, the goldfish. Where black has turned into gold and life has a better tomorrow. Jinyu to all of you.”

Prints of SIT’s work can be purcased here.


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  1. Mark Armstrong

    Gee, I thought there’d be a picture of a goldfish… : )

    Very striking B&W work, and I especially liked the effect of the red highlights on the second illustration.

    Yes, interesting anecdote!

    1. Thanks Mark, I been following SIT for a while now and he never ceases to impress! Yeah his B&W work is great.

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