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Poonam Mistry

Poonam Mistry

Poonam is a UK based illustrator with an incredible style that draws influence from Indian culture, fabrics, ornaments and other artworks. There seems to be an aboriginal influence in her work which is also evident, but her Indian roots seem ever-present with works surrounding the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Indian folklore and patterns. She uses various techniques including traditional hand-drawn, screen printing, digital, wood carving and etching.

Poonam Mistry
Poonam Mistry

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  1. John Microsoft

    OMG, Indian culture is the most advanced in the world. Really, yo.

  2. Nice write up! :) See more of Poonam Mistry’s great illustration work at:

  3. Thanks for the comments. Also, thanks to Phosphor Art for the link.

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