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Phil Wrigglesworth

Phil Wrigglesworth

In Phil’s ‘Printed Portfolio’, you’ll find what is probably his signature style. It’s ‘Where’s Wally?’ but with a clear message. There are loads of things going on and some of it is even quite abstract in order to send the message home. It is colourful work, off-the-wall and loads of fun.

On his website, Phil also has a ‘Collage Portfolio’ section, which is completely strange and brilliant. Perspective is played with, things that don’t go with other things are stuck together in interesting ways, 2D and 3D world come together and in general it breaks all the rules in the best way possible. It breaks the rules with purpose, or with intelligence.

Phil also has an excellent hand-written type section on his website as well as some black and white work. All in all it is well worth clicking here for a visit. Very inspiring!

Phil Wrigglesworth
Phil Wrigglesworth

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