1. Penelope Dullaghan


    Penelope Dullaghan resides in North Carolina, USA. She started working as a freelance illustrator in 2004, previously having worked as an art director for an advertising agency. She is probably quite well known in the illustration community for running the excellent website Illustration Friday (recently featured on The Lounge). Her illustration style is beautiful and she has a brilliant talent for hand-drawn typography. She has created some excellent logos for various companies, showing a good understanding of graphic design. A lot of illustrators attempt to ‘over-complicate’ logos when they are given the chance, but Penny keeps them simple which makes them easily applicable and resizable. I’ll also add that whenever we’ve had the privilege of corresponding with Penny she has been friendly and professional; always a pleasure.

    Her clients include The New York Times, Starbucks, Oprah and Harper Collins.

    Visit Penny’s portfolio website for more.