1. Pale Horse


    Behold, a Pale Horse in Florida. Pale Horse is a design studio located in Downtown St. Petersburg run by illustrator and graphic artist, Chris Parks. Pale Horse has worked with companies including Nike, WWE, Hasbro, Harley Davidson, Red Bull, World of Warcraft, Penguin Books, Wired Magazine and DC Comics.

    In high school, Parks dipped his toes into the sea of professional illustration by creating album art and t-shirt graphics for different bands. He studied graphic and interactive communication at the Ringling College of Art and Design. After he graduated in 2002, he worked at a product design studio. During his time there he took on freelance work for surf and skate companies, as well as bands.

    He built up freelance clients over a four-year period and in 2006 Parks opened his own design studio, Pale Horse Design. Directed by his own artistic interest, Parks is free to visually explore a range of subject matters including mythology, spirituality, religion, Japanese culture and lucha libre wrestlers. Mixing and combining elements with his own style to create new imagery and meaning.

    Parks’s t-shirt design background has steered his style towards bold lines and limited colours. Yet his illustrations are intricate, layered and full of symbolism. A probing into human culture that asks the viewer to look at something familiar in a new way. For these reasons, his work straddles the line between art and illustrations.

    You can go behind-the-scenes of Pale Horse in this video, and find out more about Chris Park in this interview. You can even learn how he creates his illustrations in the Skillshare class, Illustrate a Custom Mandala Design in Adobe Photoshop with Your Graphics Tablet.

    You can find Pale Horse on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.