1. Owen Gatley


    Owen Gatley is a freelance illustrator currently based in Bristol, England. He creates retro-inspired illustrations with landscape evocative of golden age travel posters frequented with frolicking folk.

    Originally from Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, Gatley moved to Bristol to study illustration at the University of the West of England. Immediately after graduating, his work was garnering attention. Securing representation from Agent Pekka and YCN. Gatley, who enjoys the rapid nature of editorial work, has illustrated for many top publications including The Independent, New York Times, The Sunday Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

    He has become very well known for his illustrated city-themed maps. They are full of intricate details and landmarks. To date, he has illustrated Amstadam for Metropolitan Magazine, Los Angeles for Rad Pad, Dehli for Semamta Magazine, Bahia and San Miguel de Allende for Conde Nast Traveller, Paris, New York, and London for Ideas Illustrated Magazine, Mikono, Athens, Vienna, Palma de Mallorca, and Bilbao for the monthly in-flight Ling Magazine. He has even illustrated the world, twice, once for The Times and once for Tiny Showcase. So many maps that I really hope he is think of creating a book of them.

    In September of last year he illustrated the short story, Eleven Days. In celebration of the 125th anniversary of the birth of Dame Agatha Christie, BBC Culture commissioned best-selling crime writer Kate Mosse to write the short.The story tells a fictional account of the 11 mysterious days when the popular crime writer vanished. Gatley produced a series of particularly cinematic and captivating illustrations.

    You can find more of Owen Gatley’s work on his website, Instagram and follow him on Twitter.