1. Nuncio Casanova


    Señor Nuncio Casanova is a zealous collagist from Oaxaca, Mexico. He started dabbling with photomontage illustrations for his own amusing. And in just a few short years, he has falling head first into the surreal worlds he creates.

    Try as I might, but other than some few bits, I do not know much about Casanova. Every published interview with him is laden with masterful filibustering. In an interview with Pank Magazine, in response to “Does this piece come from a larger project?” he said,

    Yes, it does. After eating the emperor, the crocodile eats almost everyone in the story, including the grandmother of Herodotus and Nuncio Casanova, and then escapes to Leningrad and eats ice cream until he explodes.

    More tomfoolery can be found in Casanova’s interview with DATE*HUB. Making my peace with the fact that a straight answer from Casanova is a unicorn, it left his artwork to speak for itself.

    Casanova’s striking illustrations are open to individual interpretation. However, their cut and paste artistry exhibit a strong Dada influence. Not only were collages prominent during the Dada movement, Dada’s expression of chaos and irrationality comprise much of Casanova’s artwork. His digital hypnagogic worlds emerge from re-arranging old prints and photographs. He uses desaturated tones and worn textures to bring harmony to otherwise completely opposing elements.

    You can find more of Nuncio Casanova work on his Tumblr, follow him on Twitter, and pick up one of his prints on Society6.