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‘Nobrow’ are a top quality ongoing series of books which provide a fantastic platform for illustration and comic art. So what’s so good about the books? Well it seems they are very selective with their artists, ensuring they are visually excellent and are also able to tell a good story. The books as objects themselves are carefully crafted with the best materials, using spot-colour printing (Pantones) to really make sure colours are crisp and vibrant.

The successes of the English language books have lead Nobrow Press to launch Nobrow France. Their first title ‘Hilda et le Géant de la Nuit’ has been well received, so who knows what next? It’s great to see top quality printed books doing well. Though digital books are great for the environment, there’s something great about the feel and smell of a good book…

Look out for ‘Nobrow 7: Brave New World’, which is available from June 2012.


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