1. Marcos Morales


    Marcos Morales is a graphic designer and collage maker from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently based in Heidelberg, Germany, Morales has collaborated with international clients including National Geographic, Citroën and Pioneer.

    When Morales started making digital collages he was inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch and M.C Escher – artist know for their fantastic imagery and detailed scenes. From them, he learnt the importance of balance, nature and symmetry, which are always present in his mind.

    Like many collage artist, Morales’ work is ripe with surrealism and symbolism. But unlike many, whose combinations of photographs can be purposely jarring, Morales creates a calmness, blending images harmoniously. They stir your emotions and softly ask you look for your own meaning.

    You can find more of Marcos Morales’ work on his website, Behance, Tumblr and Instagram.