1. Lucy Mazel


    Lucy Mazel is a freelance illustrator based in Lyon, France. Though Mazel enjoyed art in High School she did not consider herself a “natural.” Undeterred, she worked hard at it and earned her place in a private art school. She graduated in 2009, and began working as a freelancer straight away.

    Mazel has predominantly illustrated for comic books, but has worked for magazines and advertising agencies. She also frequently contributes artwork to the Los Angeles gallery, Nucleus. Her first published work was in the Petit à Petit book, Poèmes érotiques, released in 2009.

    Her comic work includes Sky Doll – Dolls Factory 2 (Soleil/Marvel, 2010), La danseuse Papillon (Soleil, 2010), Le Petit Prince – Le Monde de la musique (Glénat, 2011). Her most recent work, Communardes ! Les éléphants rouges (Vents d’Ouest, 2015), was released in September and written by Wilfrid Lupano.

    Mazel has cited Charles Dana Gibson and Jeffrey Jones as strong influence on her own work. Though comfortable digitally, she prefers to use traditional techniques, pencil, watercolour and colorex. You can read the 2D Artist Magazine article about Mazel, where she explains her process in depth. You can also see her working process here.

    To see more of Lucy Mazel’s illustrations, check out her portfolio. You can find her on Tumblr and Blogger.