1. Georges Beuville (1902 — 1982)


    Georges Beuville was a French illustrator and painter. In a career spanning over 40 years, he worked in advertising, sculpture, set design, comics and cinema.

    He was born in Calvados, France, in 1902. As a young boy, Beuville enjoyed wandering the countryside and he participated in hunting with his father and uncle. He studied Decorative Arts at l’École Germain-Pilon (now École nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d’art), in Paris.

    Beuville began his career in the 1920s, practising as portrait artist, sculptor and theatre set designer. By the late 20s, he transitioned into advertising, working for Havas, La Frégate, and his own company, Beuville éditions. He also designed posters for G.R.A.P., Boto, Malt Kneip and Nestlé.

    An aviation enthusiast, Beuville was granted the title Peintre de l’Air (Air Painter) by the French Ministry of Defence in 1935. After receiving the title he began signing his name with a star for the dot of the i. At the same time, he enrolled into the Maryse Bastié flying school and became a pilot in 1936. At the beginning of World War II he painted military planes and enlisted as a volunteer in the Air Force.

    Beuville illustrated many magazines and newspapers including Le Petit Journal, Paris-Soir, Tout et Tout, Daily Express, Marie Claire and Tintin. He also illustrated comics for Editions de Montsouris, Lisette and Jean Bart. Beuville illustrated numerous books throughout his career including classics Oliver Twist, Treasure Island and Notre-Dame De Paris.

    Beuville’s variety of styles and quality of work never fails to inspire. His use of colour is incredible. Harmonious tones unify vast landscapes while still accurately representing their details. His brush and pen strokes had freedom and expression. Always leaving details for the viewer to fill in. Above all, he practised economy, leading the charge in modern illustration.

    In 2011, Editions Gargantua published Beuville Artbook. It is the third book dedicated to Beuville’s artwork but is the most accessible and cheapest!

    You can find out more about Georges Beuville on this official website, which is currently selling a couple of beautiful Beuville prints. To see more of his work head over to Li-An and this website.