1. Elliot Alfredius


    An obvious by-product of going to events such as ELCAF, is that you get to meet illustrators. New ones, ones whose work you may not have seen before. Just such an incident happened when I stumbled over to the Peow Studio table. Sat there were a couple of tidy Swedes, Elliot Alfredius and Hanna K.

    A print by Mr. Alfredius caught my eye. It depicted a rabble of tribal characters with red sweeping across their faces. So well done, it was as if the narrative was all there, in that one picture. When I asked about the illustration, if it was stand-alone or part of a story? Mr. Alfredius replied, that it is a sketch inspired by a comic he is working on. And so, in that very moment, I went from shamefully never having heard of Elliot Alfredius to fanboy. He did also mention that he was trying to keep a low profile, but I’m sure he wont mind if you check out his Tumblr and Peow Studio profile.