1. Dan Panosian


    Dan Panosian is an American comic book artist living in Los Angeles. He has worked with the top three comic book publishers, illustrated for advertising and storyboards. He is also the co-founder of the Original Drink and Draw Social Club.

    Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Panosian has become known as the Urban Barbarian. One part artist and one part barbarian. He kick-started his career when he brought his portfolio to the New York Comic Convention. Two comic book legends, Neal Adams and Walt Simonson took notice of Panosian’s skill. Both artists offered him positions. Adams offered him a position at his ad agency Continuity Graphics and Simonson helped him get a job at Marvel Comics.

    Panosian started working in comics on back-up features for Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man and Thor but soon enough, he became a regular inker on the X-Men line of comic books. Since then, Panosian has gone on to pencil, ink and create cover art for hundreds of titles for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and many other comic companies.

    Panosian has designed for video games The Suit (1996) and Duke Nukem: Forever (2011). He also worked on Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Production Crew.

    In 2005, Panosian, along with Dave Johnson and Jeff Johnson, established the Drink and Draw Social Club. What started as a small group in LA has now multiplied to over 1600 participants, with splinter groups popping up around the world.

    To see more of Dan Panosian’s work head over to his website, Tumblr and Instagram.