1. Chris Malbon


    Chris Malbon is a freelance Illustrator and Designer, based in Bristol, England. He graduated from New College Redditch, where he studied Graphic Design. Over 15 years, Malbon has work worked on campaigns for Coca-Cola, Sony, Unilever, Carhartt, Nestle, Nike, MTV and many more. He has even collaborated with one of our favourite design studios, ilovedust.

    Malbon can take pride in being able to adapt to his style dependant on the demands of the job. He is proficient be it with pencil, pen, paint or pixel. Versatility aside, a quick look at his portfolio will demonstrate that the one constant across all his work is the level of detail he includes. Be it bricks of a building, debris of an explosion or barbs of a feather, Malbon does not hold back drawing any of them. Another obvious recurring element of his portfolio is the abundance of skulls. He is certainly good at drawing them, but I must assume one sits on his desk as a constant source of inspiration.

    To see more check out Chris Malbon’s website and follow him on Instagram.