Jubilation! Illustrator’s Lounge Celebrates Two Years!

Jubilation! Illustrator’s Lounge Celebrates Two Years!

Indeed, fellows of the Lounge, it’s true! This here website has been providing illustration inspiration old and new for two glorious whole years. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your time here thus far and will continue to knock on our ever-inviting door for a long time to come. Have a wander around and you’ll see much is new!

We’ve re-decorated and reinvigorated the Lounge in ways such as these:

  1. The website is now adaptive; meaning all manner of screens can now view Illustrator’s Lounge comfortably. Keep up to date on your mobile or tablet contraptions from your sofa, sail boat or skydive!
  2. The Bookshelf is one of our favourite additions to the new website. Browse through our carefully selected books, click through and buy! All items on the shelf have been read and recommended by a Lounger (we never recommend anything we haven’t tried ourselves).
  3. Pin it! Our Pinterest page is crammed full of illustration goodness.
  4. Sign up to our Newsletter! We’ll be sending out our favourite posts of the month to all subscribers.
  5. Become a Guest Editor! If you’d like to share work by your favourite illustrators, tell our visitors about great events, illustration related news and more then get in contact with us for more information! We are very excited about this and hope to add a small number of Guest Editors if all goes well.

We have several other things to look forward to, but all will be revealed in time. For now, we hope you like the new look and feel of the place and we encourage your feedback.

What would you like to see on the Lounge? Post comments below or alternatively send us an email. We look forward to your response!


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  1. Hi, loved th original site as it was easy to navigate by image. But now, unless there is a glitch on the new site, I cant seem to see any images anymore, only links to websites,blogs etc. Real shame as I thought it was such a good site before

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your comment.

      It was a bit of a gamble to remove the side arrows. However, if a post has a gallery we have indicated it with the small white dots at the bottom of the image. If you hover over the image an arrow should show up, and you can navigate back and forth through the gallery by clicking left and right of an image.

      If we find this is a big usability issue, we may have to re-introduce the side arrows. We really appreciate your feedback, thanks.

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