Inside the Illustrators’ Lounge Relaunch

Check out our revamped look, new sections and discover even more inspiration and advice from top illustrators across the globe

Inside the Illustrators’ Lounge Relaunch

Welcome back

You may have noticed things look a little different around here. That’s because Illustrators’ Lounge has changed. We’ve grown up and we’re growing with you. 

To mark our eighth birthday this month, we’ve decided to shift our focus and reshape the brand to make this site more useful, inspiring and informative for all members of the global illustration community. 

As ever our aim is still to elevate illustration appreciation and awareness but the types of content we’ll feature has changed.

What’s changed

Much of our new content will be long-form features offering helpful resources and advice for freelancers as well as your favourite artists interviewed. We’ll explore the process, theory and business of illustration. And we’ll start to cultivate a space that invites questions and encourages discussion.

To visually represent this shift in focus, from individual to community, we made a small but significant change. We moved the apostrophe in our name. Illustrator’s Lounge is now Illustrators’ Lounge.  

On top of this our branding has been refined to complement the website’s fresh aesthetic.

Originally the Lounge was modelled on the formality and grandeur of nostalgic members’ clubs. But like all artists we’ve evolved and loosened up. We have introduced more vibrant colours. Previously, working with black, grey and gold, at times, felt restrictive. So our palette now contains royal blue and emerald green, whose traditional qualities are juxtaposed with more playful lemon yellow, salmon red and pastel pink.

We’ve also changed fonts, created a new icon set, updated our logo and made it even easier to navigate topics and related content.

The new sections

Lounge Notes is the new name for Cabinet. Notes are quick, cherry-picked resources. If we find a podcast, website, video, tool or tutorial useful, we’ll make a note for you to check out.

The new Art Supplies section will be an evolving list of traditional illustrations tools. Perfect for people with a penchant for beautiful stationery. Both the Art Supplies and Books sections use Amazon affiliate links. If we feature something you would like to buy, you can help support the website by using these links.

Comments are back. With community being the focus of the rebrand, it was important to give readers an easy way to talk to us. Comments give us the opportunity to build a safe place where illustration fans can discuss and share ideas.

What you’ll discover

Going forward, our articles will be looking deeper into processes and techniques to give a better understanding of what makes a picture successful.

We will start tackling frequently asked questions, such as whether or not to get an agent, how to copyright your work, and how to deal with clients. And you’ll find helpful, practical advice by drawing from expert experiences.

We want your opinions too. Join us in the comment section to share your experiences, ask questions, and add to the discussion.

We hope these changes help build a valuable hub of information and a supportive community.

Get involved

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Let us know your thoughts in the comments about the new branding and content direction.


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