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Book giveaway! My Monster Burrufu

Book giveaway! My Monster Burrufu

Alberto Corral has been kind enough to supply the Illustrator’s Lounge with a copy of his new book ” My Monster Burrufu” to giveaway to our readers.

To enter this competition you must simply do two things.

Firstly you MUST follow our Facebook fan page (if you are not already following us):

Secondly you MUST post a message on our Facebook page wall answering the following question:

The Question: If you were a Monster, what would your name be and what characteristics would you have?

An Example Answer: “I would be “The Rah-ma!” and I would steal all of the world’s naughty children during the night! Then scare them until they are well behaved…

All answers must be in before the 29th of February 2012. The more creative answers will have better chances of winning. A winner will be selected and announced on the 1st of March 2012. Then they will be contacted via Facebook and a copy of this marvellous book will be sent out to them.

Good Luck!

Book review:

This book is aimed at 8-12 year olds. Although it’s a children’s book, it was a fun little read. The book is about a little girl who moves into a bigger house and discovers the Monster Burrufu living in the attic. There are a few twists in the story which really help to keep any child engaged and also has a very unexpected ending.

It’s a very heart warming read and the accompanying illustrations by Alessandra Sorrentino are just fantastic! I would recommend “My Monster Burrufu” to anyone who has their own children or is a fan of collecting children’s books.

You can buy the book online here.

Book giveaway! My Monster Burrufu
Book giveaway! My Monster Burrufu

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  1. i’m playing! yay!

  2. This giveaway competition is now expired. Thanks to all those who entered!

    The winner to our book giveaway was Ellen Fanning with the genius idea for the monster: “Fuffadelia”. She will be receiving a free copy of the book shortly. We liked the idea of her monster so much that one of our members created an illustration based the character. See it here:

    However don’t despair! We have another book to give away this month. Please try your luck again and win this amazing new illustrated book “Wally’s World”!

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