28 Gumroad Creators You Really Should Know

Since its launch in 2011 Gumroad has fast become one of the most popular platforms for creatives to sell their digital content. However, Gumroad is purposely designed without a centralised area of search and discovery, instead the emphasis is on the creators to direct their audience. Which makes it impossible to just stumble on all that great content. You can find some good stuff in the Gumroad Collections section, but that really does not even scratch the surface of how many gems the site has.

28 Gumroad Creators You Really Should Know

So, I took it upon myself to put together a list of 28 Gumroad creators you really should know:

Comics & Sketchbooks

1. Carey Pietsch – Many of the Brooklyn-based illustrator’s acclaimed comics, including her Keepsakes stories.

2. Anna Cattish – The popular comic artist and character designer is currently selling a special digital edition of her Sketchbook 2014.

3. Edward Ross – A small collection of comics from Edinburgh-based comic book artist, including Filmish: A Graphic Journey Through Film.

4. Eric Grissom – A Couple of free comics from the writer and letterer of the comic series Deadhorse.

5. Evan Dahm – Comics and sketchbooks from the creator and illustrator of the Rice Boy webcomic.

6. Ian Andersen – A host of comics from the cartoonist behind the daily auto-bio journal comic, Citric Journal.

7. Ian Lawrence – A collection of sketchbooks from the North Carolina illustrator and tattoo designer, Inkloose.

8. Lucy Bellwood – Many nautical-themed comics from the ship-sailing cartoonist.

9. Maré Odomo – Comics and drawings from the Seattle illustrator.

10. Natalie Nourigat – Sketchbooks from the Eisner-nominated writer and cartoonist.

11. Polly Guo – Both volumes of Houdini & Holmes, from the New York-base comic artist and animator.

12. Rachel Kahn – Comics and drawings from the illustrator and concept artist.

13. Retrofit Comics – A publishing house, founded by Box Brown, features an array of comic from various illustrators.

14. Sam Bosma – Currently hosting his highly praised comic, The Hanging Tower.

15. Sarah Horrocks – A small collection of comics from the writer and artist.

16. Will Terrell – The sketchbooks of popular YouTube illustrator.

17. Yale Stewart – More comics from the creator of webcomic JL8.

Tools & Tutorials

18. Adam Duff – Digital painting tutorials from the Canadian concept artist.

19. Alexandre diboine – Character design video tutorial that includes the brushes used.

20. Dave Rapoza – In-depth video tutorials from the phenomenal freelance illustrator and comic artist.

21. Eytan Zana – Beautiful landscape video tutorials covering colour, light and composition.

22. Kyle T Webster – The Photoshop brush king of Gumroad.

23. Max Gon – Artist for Riot Games teaches you how to make pixelart.

24. Rad Sechrist – The storyboard artist and character designer shares his knowledge of drawing the human head and figure.

25. Shiyoon Kim – A beautiful Photoshop brush set from the Disney character designer.


26. Jerzy Drozd – A mix bag of comics and tutorials from the cartoonist and teaching artist.

27. Trent Kaniuga – Character and environment designer shares his comics, video tutorials and brush sets.

28. Zac Gorman – Currently featuring the Magical Game Time Vol. 1 comic and a Manga Studio 5 brush set.

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