1. Xavier Gueniffey Durin


    Xavier Gueniffey Durin is an illustrator and character designer living in Nantes, France. Possibly best know as the illustrator of the very popular board game, Tokaido.

    Durin began his career in 2007 working as a character designer. In 2009 he was contacted by Funforge to illustrates the mystery treasure-hunting board game Isla Dorada. Enjoying it so much, that board game have held his focus ever since. Durin excels at illustrating for the tabletop game. Since Isla Dorada, he has also provided artwork for a number of great titles including Seasons, The Phantom Society and Shinobi Wat-AAH!

    Last year Funforge launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a special Collector’s Edition of TOKAIDO. It included an expanded version of the original game, enhanced artwork and sculpted mini figurines. It had fans and newcomers salivating. The campaign had over five thousand backers, reaching $668,721. Well over their $400,000 goal.

    In an interview with Durin, he stated fellow board game artist, Mathieu Leyssenne and Xavier Collette as big inspirations. As well as comic artist, Joe Madureira and character designer, Xavier Houssin. Durin’s artwork is equally rich and detailed as his inspirations. His kooky characters and landscapes are painted with warm vibrant hues. More often than not, the setting is outdoors allowing the sun to illuminate them. This gives an instant likable aspect to his illustrations. They feel positive and lively. Durin’s illustrations definitely boost the immersion needed for board games.

    You can see more of Xavier Gueniffey Durin’s work on DeviantArt and his blog.