1. Wouter Tulp


    Wouter Tulp is a Character Designer and Illustrator. Born in Vlaardingen, Netherlands to a very creative family, he was surrounded by art from a young age. Tulp studied at Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam, before going on to work as a freelance illustrator.

    Due to the limited amount of creative work available in the Netherlands, Tulp decided not to specialise early on, consequently motivating him to develop many different styles. This expanded and shaped his techniques and processes. His versatility allowed him to work on a range of projects including children’s books, book covers, editorial and caricatures.

    For the most part of his career, however, Tulp has work as a visual development artist and character designer for 2D and 3D animated projects. Which is where I believe his work really shines. Tulp is one of the few illustrators that makes the process of character design look easy. His characters are both exaggerated and believable to the point that you feel like you have met the people his characters are based on. Gratefully, Tulp actually shares his much of his knowlage and techniques on his tutorial blog.

    To find out more about Wouter Tulp, you can hear his thoughts on art and inspiration on Chris Oatley’s ArtCast and follow him on Facebook.