1. Tim Mack


    Tim Mack is an illustrator and character designer based in Vancouver, Canada. He has recently become freelance after working almost a decade in the games industry. Illustrating digitally and traditionally, Mack creates characters, be they monsters or animals, that retain a cute and comical appeal.

    Mack studied ‘Illustration and Design’ at Alberta College of Art and Design. He graduated in 2008 and ventured into the games industry via Disney Interactive Media Group. For the past 3 years, Mack has worked with mobile game developers, A Thinking Ape. Putting his creative touch to many of their games, promotional t-shirts and the ATA’s Owner’s Manual.

    Mack has an impressive ability to abstract objects to their simplest without creating any confusion as to what they are. You can find it across much of his work, but an obvious example can be seen in his Angry Barbarian piece, where the rocks take the form of cubes. Mack does this without using any dents or bumps, not even a common rock colour. With just a few lines and clever placement, you interpret them as rocks. This is one of many clever elements found in his illustrations.

    You can find more of Tim Mack’s work on his website, Tumblr, Behance and Instagram.