1. Rafael Mayani


    Illustrator from Mexico City, Rafael Mayani is currently a Vancouver resident. Specialising in editorial illustration and character design for animation, Mayani shares his talents with creative studio, Giant Ant.

    For the best part of 2014 Mayani occupied his time with a personal project called, Disney Challenge. After watching every Disney theatrical animated feature, he created an illustration for each movie. The challange of capturing the spirit of the characters and feelings of the movies in a single illustration allowed Mayani to grow, and you can see the progession in his work starting from the early features all the way to the most recent.

    Mayani also contributed to the charitable exhibition, Secret 7. Where he illustrated three record sleeves, one for Strange Creatures by Jake Bugg, Team by Lorde, and a cubist inspired cover for Grounds for Divorce by Elbow. Currently, Mayani is part of the One Thousand and One Knights anthology. A very exciting project “celebrating kickass ladies” and “people-positive knights”, already attached with lots of notable illustrators and artist. Many of the creators involved have been revealing sneak peeks of their work on twitter, which you find using the hashtag #1001knights.

    To see more of Rafael Mayani’s work head over to his website, society6 page and his Tumblr.