1. Manga Mondays ~ Ross Tran


    Ross Tran is a concept artist and illustrator based in Southern California. Ross has worked in films, games and entertainment related properties for companies such as Walt Disney Studios, Psyop and West Studio.

    Tran attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. In his last year of college he started the YouTube channel, Ross Draws. It is a tutorial channel with a difference. The difference is Tran. With an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, he bounces around the screen and locations, takes workout breaks and colour-picks from tacos.

    Be sure to watch the Graduation Episode, where he filmed his last few days at College, including his graduation ceremony and preparing for his end of year show. His show space had blue lights, three widescreen monitors and two terrariums.

    In 2014, Tran worked on the feature-length film, Earth to Echo. Where he design the lead character “Echo.” For a while Tran has be developing a personal project which focuses on a character named Nima. The red-skined, white-haired protagonist makes regular appearances in his portfolio and Tran has said that a Nima book is currently in the works.

    It’s colour dodging time! Check out more of Ross Tran’s work on his website, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. Tran also has extended versions of all of his tutorials, which you can find on Patreon and Gumroad. You can watch Tran’s Level Up! Session, where he talks about his artistic progression, his YouTube Channel and thoughts on Patreon.