1. Jonathan Lankry


    Jonathan Lankry is an Illustrator and Animator. Born in Paris, France, Lankry is largely a self-taught artist. He did spend a year studying 2D and 3D animation at LISAA, followed by a year studying Graphic and Web Design at L’École Multimédia.

    After graduating, Lankry served as a 2D Animator, Concept Artist, UI Designer and Illustrator for French companies 2 minutes, Morphee Interactive, and Ankama. Working on video games, animation, magazines and comics. Following a few years of working in animation studios and games companies, Lankry became a freelancer in 2013.

    Lankry’s style is influenced by an amalgamation of manga with European and American comics books. High energy and very dramatic, he contorts his figures to creates dynamic poses. Dirt, rubble, bullets and fabric strew in all directions adding a sense of motion and intensity. His use of over-saturated colours, in some cases 100% magenta and yellow, capture your attention instantly. All elements combine to make his illustrations leap out and draw you in.

    You can find Jonathan Lankry in almost every corner of the internet, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few. You can find a full list of links on his website. You can also buy his prints and sketchbook from his shop.